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Pick in 1892 gave a description of cases of senile dementia, aggravated by an atrophic process mainly in the temporal and frontal lobes. Similar studies were carried out by A. Alzheimer, X. Lipman, E. Altman. Statements that the cases of Tadalis described by A. Peak represent an independent form were first noted by X. Richter. This nosological independence of the disease was confirmed by post-mortem studies that showed a number of morphological features of this particular pathology.

Morphological features include the following features: the limited nature of atrophic changes in the frontal and temporal lobes; little or no vascular changes; loss of elements of nervous tissue in the upper layers of the cortex. brain; the absence of all signs of the inflammatory process, as well as senile plaques or Alzheimer's changes in neurofibrils; atrophic changes passing into the subcortical regions; frequent finding of spherical argentophilic intracellular formations, as well as swollen cells.

The atrophic process is unevenly distributed in some areas of the brain, starting in typical areas, which are called the centers of wrinkling and atrophy. The cause of Pick's disease is currently unknown. At the moment, only factors that increase the risk of tadalafil development have been identified. The main risk factor is hereditary predisposition. If blood relatives in old age had various types of dementia, then you need to be very careful and wary of your condition.

  • One of the causes of Pick's disease is intoxication of the body.
  • Long-term exposure to chemicals increases the chance of developing the disease.
  • Anesthesia is also attributed to the causes of Pick's disease, since it is very difficult for the nervous system to endure.
  • Head injuries, mental illnesses also act as a provoking factor in the disease.
  • Pick's disease at an early stage is characterized by profound personality changes and signs of weakening of all types of intellectual activity.
  • The initial manifestations of the disease have little to do with the prerequisites of the intellect: memorization, memory, attention, sensory cognition.
  • Pick's disease in the first variant has little to do with automated forms of intellectual activity.
  • This disease has several variants of the course.

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With the increase in the symptoms of the disease, the abilities of tadalis do not change in orientation in the usual or in a simple new environment.
The disease affects differentiated as well as complex personal attitudes and relationships. There is a change in the nature of patients, productivity decreases in parallel, as well as the flexibility of thinking and the ability to critically evaluate new, complex situations, the ability to comprehend, make consistent conclusions, generalizations or other mental operations is lost. Pick's disease, unlike Alzheimer's disease, is marked by the development of dementia of the intellect.

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Personality changes in the disease are marked by typical signs. During the course of the disease, increased sexual desire, disinhibition with the release of instincts prevail, which provokes offenses. Patients have a developing disappearance of a sense of tact, distance, shame, as well as previous moral attitudes. Patients are characterized by the predominance of inadequate euphoria, impulsiveness and expansiveness, along with a decrease in criticism.


Many cases of Pick's disease are marked by apparent memory loss. Patients retain a sense of the sequence of time and consciousness for quite a long time. Patients know what will happen in the near future and what happened recently. This ability to foresee the future distinguishes patients from Alzheimer's patients.

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Treatment is with cholinesterase inhibitors. These are drugs such as Amiridin, Rivastigmine (Exelon), Reminil (Galantamine), Arisept, and Gliatilin. These drugs for Pick's disease normalize the condition of patients at an early stage of the disease.